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The journey to this point has been many years in the making, I always knew when it came to the time I could retire (at the age of 50), I wanted to do something with food.  I cook or bake or make something pretty much every day.  I'm always keen to learn, improve and develop new skills - as well any I already have, particularly relevant to food. 

So, why the Chocolate Pig?  The name came from a walk back from the pub with the dog...  It was one of those half joke, unthinking ideas - perhaps fuelled by local ale, perhaps not!

Until very recently, I was a Police Officer.  I was posted to Thanet - Margate specifically in 1992 and spent the next 15 years working in uniform and CID until moving into the world of Counter Terrorism Intelligence until I retired in early 2022.   The work took me all over the UK and Europe (including Belgium and all those amazing chocolate shops - the Chocolate Line is amazing in Bruges!).

So - the name is essentially a bad pun, but it stuck and it works!

Making chocolate bon-bons became a new interest, then a  focus and now something of an obsession since I first I bought a simple bar mould to try it out around Christmas 2019.  From doing a little research online initially about how to work with and temper the chocolate, I started to get hooked!  

Chocolate making demands precise and specific processes requiring concentration on time, temperature and technique.  It can be very unforgiving if any of those elements are overlooked - trust me!  The learning is and will always be key for me - every day is a school day.  I have been extremely lucky so far to have contact with some amazing and very experienced chocolatiers who are willing to share their expertise, support and knowledge. 

I love to experiment with flavours and fillings, they are always carefully considered and researched as well as being hand made by me, a fresh batch each time.  This way I'm able to give the texture and flavour you and I want in a luxury, artisan product. 

The majority of my equipment and packaging is either re-useable, recyclable or compostable.  Wherever possible I source locally to Kent, taking advantage of the amazing fruit grown in the county, making purees, vacuum sealing and freezing to ensure the best quality possible.

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